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Let's Listen In...

Jul 16, 2020

**We’d like to take a moment to inform you that this climate series is moving to its own dedicated channel. All future episodes, as well as the previous four instalments of the series, will now be located on the Climate Risk Podcast channel. You can find us HERE. **


In this episode of the Climate Risk Podcast series, we are moving beyond financial services to look at how climate change will affect firms in the real economy. We will be joined by Julie Baddeley, one of the UK’s most experienced women directors, who will be sharing insights on this topic from the perspective of the Board.

Julie is also one of the founders of Chapter Zero, a fast-growing network for Chairs, Committee Chairs and Non-Executive Directors. Chapter Zero has been established to provide support, education and tools to this important group on the matters of climate change and the associated risks and opportunities. Links to find out more about Chapter Zero, as well as some of there useful educational tools, can be found below.


Links from today’s discussion


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